10 Tips for the Perfect Bridal Makeup


Your wedding day will be one of the most important days in your life. If you aren’t looking your best, it is a waste of money to hire a photographer. Makeup should be properly applied and ready to go with the light of the camera. Be ready for your close up! Here are some tips:

Do you want to hire a professional or do it yourself?

You have hired a caterer and a baker as well as a florist, stylist, planner, and other wedding professionals. You wouldn’t leave the best part to an amateur. A professional makeup artist is worth the investment. A professional best makeup artist in bangalore will be able to apply your makeup so that it best reflects who you are. A makeup artist can remove all evidence from the evening you were up late, whether it was to visit family or have a party with friends. These are some things that you might not have known if you don’t plan on leaving this expense out of your budget. This is a list that you can use to achieve flawless makeup, whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional.

Practice is the Best

Practice your makeup application before the big day. This allows your makeup artist to get to know you better and to learn what works for you. If you’re applying makeup yourself, it gives you an opportunity to improve your skills.

Strong Foundation

Apply foundation to your skin. A primer or moisturizer will protect your skin. It will give your foundation a better chance to even out your skin tone.

Hand Brush or Airbrush

Airbrush makeup is very light and lasts. The artist may make you look unprofessional or overdone if they don’t have a lot of experience. The art of hand brush makeup can be more artistic, and the results can look almost identical to those in wedding magazines.


It is important to know the difference between matte and illuminating primers, foundations, and how they work together. A sweet, glowing complexion is the best for outdoor weddings. If you are going to be outside, make sure that your foundation or primer contains a chemical and not a physical sunscreen. A physical sunscreen can reflect light from flashes on your camera and make you look ghostly. For great photos with less reflection from the camera, use a matte foundation if your ceremony and reception are indoors.

Stunning Colours

You can be stunning! Romantic, even. Today’s brides prefer bold and rich colors. No matter if you’re having a themed or traditional wedding, your makeup should reflect your personal style. You should avoid using makeup that is too natural or if you don’t wear any makeup. While these colors may be in your comfort zone they can enhance your features and define the shape of your face if used correctly. Make sure your makeup matches the theme of a themed wedding like a pin-up one.

Brow power

It is important to have your eyebrows groomed and sharpened the day before your wedding. However, you should not visit the wax bar less than one week prior. This allows for any redness, bumps, swelling or hair regrowth to occur if the waxer was too thin. Don’t forget to fill them with gel, pencil, powder, or powder the day before your nuptials.

Luscious Lashes

False lashes can be done or extensions should be considered. False lashes can make your eyes appear larger, brighter, and longer luscious eyelashes look so romantic. You will be glad that you had extensions on your wedding day photos. Extensions don’t require mascara, so there won’t be any black streaks on your face. False strip lashes can be applied on the day of the wedding and removed when you are ready.

Love Your Lips

A lip liner is essential for final steps in color application. Any color or gloss will last longer if you use lip liner to fill in the lines and fill in the lips. Avoid all-day lipsticks as they can dry out your lips and cause flaking. For that final seal in your vows, you need lips that are kissable and pouty!

Seal the Deal

Protect your final look with a spray or finishing powder. A finishing powder is basically an airbrush-correcting product in a jar. This powder softens the appearance of your skin and conceals pores, creating a flawless finish. Finishing spray is a mist that covers your masterpiece. It also has skin care benefits and anti-aging properties.

We believe everyone deserves to have a wonderful time on their biggest day. Our 10 Bridal Makeup Tips will help you achieve your dream bridal look.

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